Our Farmers: Meet Mark & Charisse, Farmers from Gooralie Free Range Pork in Goondiwindi, QLD

24 Jun 2022 |
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Our Farmers: Meet Mark & Charisse, Farmers from Gooralie Free Range Pork in Goondiwindi, QLD

Pigs born and raised happily outdoors, in their natural environment - just the way it should be.

When Dave and I decided to diversify our menu in 2020, we noticed that our customers loved top quality pork. They kept coming back for more and for a good reason too; Our Cow customers could taste the difference between the pork they bought from supermarkets compared to ours. That’s because the pigs we source from Mark and Charisse’s farm in Queensland are born and raised happily outdoors, in their natural environment – just the way it should be.

Mark & Charisse are trailblazers in the free range pork industry, being one of the first free range pork farms in Australia. Did you know only 5% of the pork consumed in Australia is free range, and almost half of all pork consumed here in Australia is imported (and 75% of all small goods consumed in Australia is IMPORTED! Yes... that ham & bacon on the supermarket shelf is likely to be imported and from areas with poor animal welfare & environmental standards).

Meet Mark & Charisse

Queenslanders Mark and Charisse know how to raise good quality produce. In fact, it’s a skill their family has mastered through generations. After decades of producing lamb and beef the natural way, their family decided to diversify with branded free-range pork.

The farming environment

Mark and Charisse’s farm Gooralie is located in the heart of Queensland’s Darling Downs, near Goondiwindi, and it’s paradise for their livestock. They pride themselves on raising their stock in a completely stress-free environment. From the moment they’re born, their pigs are free to roam 24 hours a day and always have access to clean spring water, shade and shelter.

Each of the sows (female mum pigs) on Mark & Charisse’s farm has their own luxury “birthing suite”, private mud bath, water feature and fresh hay daily. They also have their own private nutritionist who ensures the food they’re eating is meeting their exact requirements. Sounds like a 5-Star Resort, doesn’t it?! I wish I was a pig on their farm!

Why their pork is so good - for everyone

“Our pork is natural, there’s nothing added. No antibiotics, no hormones and no chemical residue. Choosing to buy from Our Cow means you’ll get to enjoy Australian certified free-range pork, so you can rest assured that all our pigs have access to the fundamentals 24 hours a day, including the great outdoors. Our pigs are just out there living their best life, which creates a flavour second to none... they're as happy as a pig in mud - literally!" - Charisse

We were lucky enough to catch up with Mark & Charisse recently at their farm, and enjoyed shooting with them when they featured in Season 5 of Taste of Australia with Hayden Quinn. We chose to work with them because of the world-class environment they've created for their pigs, and the difference this makes to the lives of their animals and quality of produce. You can watch their video here.

Choose some free-range pork from Mark & Charisse’s farm in your next order and you’ll taste the difference too! You can find some delicious recipe ideas on how to cook up your favourite cuts of pork in our recipe section.

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