Our Farmers

We're proud to work with over 100 of the best farmers in the country. Our farmers are passionate about raising premium quality animals and looking after their environment.

Sam & Emma

Willunga Pastoral, Warialda NSW

Sam and Emma live on a picturesq black soil property near Warialda, Northern NSW. Sam and his brother look after the farming operation, they run a large herd of Aussie White Sheep as well as a broad acre cropping enterprise. Sam plants annual crops of lucerne and high protein crops for their sheep to graze on.

You can read more about Sam & Emma, their family and their farming operation here.

Snow "Snowy" Ellis

Black Angus Beef, Fairly Hill NSW

Snowy is a local legend in the Northern Rivers area. He is 90 years old, farmed his whole life and loves nothing more than poking about with his black Angus cattle.

Snowy has had a successful career as a water diviner, he divined most of the town water on the north coast and has found water on hundreds of farms around NSW & QLD. He played an essential role during the drought to help many farmers find water on their property.

Snowy is amazed that meat from his farm in Casino NSW is feeding families throughout Australia. You can read more about Snowy here.

John Scarrabelotti

Angus & Wagyu Beef, Lismore NSW

John and his wife Eleida live and work on a beautiful property near Lismore NSW, where their farm "Blue Fattoria" pays homage to the family's Italian roots, meaning 'blue farm'. 

John's grass-fed Wagyu and Angus Beef is his pride and joy, being 100% grass-fed and finished, guaranteeing the incredible marbling texture and flavour Wagyu is renowned for.

Read more about John and his farming operation here.

Steve & Michelle

Eungella Shorthorns, Dorrigo NSW

Steve, Michelle and their 3 beautiful kids are 5 & 6th generational beef cattle farmers on the Northern Tablelands of NSW. Steve & Michelle breed stud Shorthorn cattle on their property, Eungella Shorthorns. 

Shorthorn cattle are renown for extremely high marble content within their meat & the flavour is unbeatable. Steve & Michelle love knowing they ethically produce a high quality, flavoursome product people can enjoy at home.

Read more about Steve & Michelle and their farming operation here.

Kym & Tony

Kahmoo Pastoral, New England Highlands NSW

Kym & Tony are the powerhouse mother-and-son duo making waves in the free-range grass fed lamb industry. They're passionate Aussie White Sheep farmers, and produce some of the tastiest and most succulent lamb we've ever eaten.

Kym & Tony's family has a serious history in agriculture in Australia, being fouth and fifth generation farmers, and they hope that one day Tony's kids will be the sixth generation on the land.

You can read more about Kym & Tony's farming operation, and why they choose to work with Our Cow, on our Blog here.

Scott & Hannah

Doonkami Aussie Whites, Yetman NSW

Scott and Hannah have recently taken over the family farm that was always a beef cattle property. Scott had seen the unbelievable results of the Aussie White Sheep and decided to change the direction of their farming operation to focus on sheep and broad acre cropping.

Scott and Hannah grow crops of lucerne and other high protein crops for the sheep to graze on. The Aussie White Breed is renowned for their high marble content. 

Read more about Scott & Hannah and their farm here.

Greg Billing

Angus Beef, Dorrigo NSW

Having worked as a renowned potato and dairy farmer in the Dorrigo, NSW region for over 50 years, Greg turned his prestigious farm over from dairy to beef in 2020, a huge undertaking.
Greg now produces some of the finest Angus beef in the area, with a particular focus on grass fed with no grain supplements, to ensure the quality, tenderness and nutrition of the beef he produces.
Greg loves the personal connection he receives from customers by supplying his beef to Our Cow.

Rick & Sue

South Devon Beef, Upper Horton NSW

Rick and Sue are generational farmers on their property at Upper Horton. Both are very passionare about the South Devon breed of cattle, having shown cattle for a number of years at the Ekka and Sydney Royal Easter Show, and with a suite of blue ribbons to show for it!

Rick and Sue are passionate about producing top quality south devon beef that is tender, flavoursome and full.

Mark & Charisse

Gooralie Free Range Pork, Goondiwindi QLD

Mark & Charisse are trail blazers in the free range pork industry, being one of the first free range pork farms in Australia and making up the small 5% of total free range pork farms in Australia. Mark & Charisse are passionate about producing stress free, natural pork. You really can taste the difference in their product, it's sweet, tender and amazingly delicious.

So as Charisse says, tickle your fork with some Gooralie free range pork!

Read more about Mark & Charisse and their free range pork farm here.


Certified Organic Chicken, Inglewood QLD

From humble beginnings, Katrina and her team have grown their operation to become Australia's leading Certified Organic Chicken farm, where over 250,000 chicken roam free and are raised 100% organic - one of the only chicken farms in Australia to do so.

Katrina's operation ensures that the treatment of their animals, farming practices and processing techniques are world-class - and you can really taste the difference.

Read more about Katrina and the benefits of certified organic chicken here.

Dave & Bianca

Shorthorn Beef, Baryulgil NSW

Our Cow Founders and Beef Cattle Farmers, Dave & Bianca run approximately 100 cows on their farm at Baryulgil.

After being severely affected by bushfires and drought, they improved their farm significantly to ensure water supply was never an issue and their livestock always had the best grass to eat. Read more about their farm here.

Dave and Bianca are both so proud of the quality of farmers they work with and the consistency of meat products Our Cow supplies its customers.

Find out more about Our Cow's Farmers & their families on Our Blog.

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Our Cow is a unique market place that showcases the amazing work of Australian farmers.

We provide our farmers with an above market, stable and consistent avenue to sell their livestock. Consumers are becoming more aware of their food choices and demanding a direct and transparent food supply industry, at Our Cow, we are very proud to enable a direct connection between farmers and consumers.

If you are interested in supplying livestock through Our Cow, we'd love to hear from you.

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