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Build your own box and select your favourite cuts from our range of grass fed beef, organic chicken, free range pork and grass fed lamb. You choose what you want!

Spoil Dad
Father's Day Box

Father's Day Box

1 x Beef Shank
$38.99 (1.5kg)

1 x Brisket (3kg)
$95.99 (3kg)

1 x USA Ribs
$29.99 (1kg)

1 x Lamb Shoulder
$49.99 (2kg)

1 x Low & Slow Rub
$10.99 (60g)

Great Value
Classic Beef Box

Classic Beef Box

This box is filled with family favourite beef cuts. Everything from T-Bone Steaks to grass fed beef mince, sizzle steaks great for the BBQ and more.

1 x 2 T-Bone Steaks
$41.40 (900g)

1 x 2 Rib Fillet Steaks
$32.50 (500g)

2 x Beef Mince (500g)
$10.00 (500g)

1 x Sizzle Steak
$14.30 (550g)

3 x BBQ Sausages
$11.49 (500g)

1 x 2 Rump Steaks
$25.80 (600g)

1 x Diced Beef
$13.50 (500g)

1 x 2 Y-Bone Steaks
$18.90 (700g)

1 x Stir Fry Strips
$13.50 (500g)

The Lamb Box

The Lamb Box

A lamb lovers dream, this box is filled with all of your favourite grass fed lamb cuts. Everything from loin chops to cutlets, shanks, spare ribs and more.

2 x Lamb Loin Chops
$21.99 (500g)

1 x 2 Lamb Shanks
$23.99 (1kg)

2 x Lamb Cutlets
$28.99 (500g)

1 x Lamb Spare Ribs
$23.99 (1kg)

1 x Lamb Forequarter Chops
$10.99 (700g)

1 x Lamb Mince (500g)
$11.99 (500g)

1 x Easy Carve Roast
$41.99 (1.5kg)

1 x Lamb Chump Chops
$26.40 (500g)

2 x Lamb & Rosemary Sausages
$11.49 (500g)

1 x Diced Lamb
$12.50 (500g)

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