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Celebrate Australia Day with Free Range Aussie Lamb!

Thursday 12 January 2023
Celebrate Australia Day with Free Range Aussie Lamb!

Here at Our Cow, you know we’re all about supporting local Aussie business and Aussie produce. We are so proud to be working with incredible Aussie farmers to be producing the absolute best quality free-range meat available here in Australia, and are even more excited to be showcasing the top-notch free-range lamb that we have on offer in the lead up to Australia Day.


What makes Aussie Free Range Lamb so good for you?

Over the past fifteen years, Aussie lamb has become synonymous with celebrating Australia Day. Any what’s not to love about our Aussie Lamb? Packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins, our free-range lamb is an excellent, natural source of:

  • protein for growth and development
  • vitamin B12 for the nervous system
  • niacin for a healthy metabolism
  • zinc and selenium to support the immune system, and
  • iron to carry oxygen to our muscles for energy and brain performance.

What’s even better about Our Cow lamb is that it’s 100% free-range and grass-fed from local farmers. How an animal is raised, what they eat and what their environment is like makes a huge difference to its health and wellbeing, and therefore the quality of the meat they produce and the impact it has on you when you eat it.

Grass-fed animals produce antioxidants that help reduce and slow damage to our cells, and their meat is higher in omega 3 fatty acids than grain-fed animals, which gives us better energy and is vital for overall good health. Our farmers also use far less chemicals on their land, so the grass eaten by their sheep has more nutrients. This is so much better for the animals’ health, and therefore yours as well. And, most importantly of all, our free-range lamb is absolutely delicious!


Meet some of our Lamb Farmers

Sam & Emma from Sander Pastoral, Warialda NSW

Our Cow farmers Sam and Emma from Sander Pastoral NSW, know all about raising and producing absolute top quality free-range lamb. The soil on their property is some of the heaviest around and is perfect for growing high-protein crops like lucerne for their sheep to nibble on throughout the day. This, in turn, puts nitrogen back into the soil and creates a cycle of quality from (literally!) the ground up.

Sam and Emma love their sheep and are happy to put in the hard yards to make sure they’ve had the healthiest and happiest life possible.

“These sheep have had a good life and they're from a family who's cared for them. We know these lambs have been looked after the best we can, and we think it's a great thing having our meat go straight to customers of Our Cow”, Sam says.

You can read more about Sam & Emma, their farm and their sheep here.

Scott & Hannah from Doonkami Aussie Whites, Yetman NSW

Generational sheep farmers Scott and Hannah absolutely love working with their herd of Aussie Whites.

“We love how fertile they are, the production we can get from the lambs - they’re fast growing sheep so we are able to turn the animals over quickly. We don’t have to shear them, they’re really good eating quality and have a great temperament”, says Scott.

Known for their high marble content and real tenderness, Scott and Hannah simply hope that Our Cow customers will try their lamb and say “it’s the best bit of lamb we’ve ever eaten”.

You can read more about Scott & Hannah, their farm and their family here.

Try some of our free range Aussie Lamb today!

Why not try some of our great lamb recipes in time for Australia Day. There’s plenty to share and, let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy lamb?!

Impress your friends on Australia Day with our Camp Oven Lamb Roast - a traditional, succulent, easy to share lamb roast that everyone will love. Only 15mins preparation time means more time spent having a yarn and a beer! 

Or, go for something a little lighter in the January heat with our Crispy Lamb Greek Salad. Minimal prep time and perfect for summer, even your heartiest eater will be impressed by this ‘salad’.

The whole family will love this super easy Lamb Kofta recipe, using our tasty free range lamb mince. All easy to share with friends and family, all absolutely delicious. 

And don't forget - and we have a big sale on some of our favourite lamb cuts, just in time for Australia Day!

Support local Aussies this Australia Day by buying your lamb through Our Cow - a 100% true blue Aussie business supplying 100% true blue Aussie meat, straight to your door. Get started here!

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