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Our Farmers: Dave & Bianca, Beef Cattle Farmers & Our Cow Founders

Wednesday 25 October 2023
Our Farmers: Dave & Bianca, Beef Cattle Farmers & Our Cow Founders

Hi there, Bianca here. Whether you’re new to Our Cow or have been an Exclusive Eaters Club Member for a while, you would have noticed that we do things a little differently. We are passionate about free-range, grass-fed and organic produce, supporting Aussie farmers, taking care of the environment and feeding your family the best meat you’ll ever eat, among many things!

Something that Dave and I are particularly passionate about is creating a connection between you and where your food comes from. We like to do this in a few ways, which includes putting the names of the farmers and their location on our product labels, sharing stories of the farmers and their families who work tirelessly to supply us with the best quality meat, and sharing photos and videos of their farms so you can see for yourself! We believe that unpacking your Our Cow delivery and getting to learn about the farmer behind each product is special, and we hope you do too. 


Life on our Farm

Before Our Cow, Dave and I were working hard to keeping ourselves afloat out on our beef cattle farm in Baryulgil, NSW (and before that we were working out west in the mines as FIFO workers!). Buying our first farm was a big risk in itself for us and we quickly found ourselves in a really tough place. We had gone through a couple of years of extreme drought, to then go through one of the worst bushfires Australia had ever seen at the start of 2020 (I’m sure many of you can remember). We lost over 70% of our land in the bushfires, but while devastating to us, we considered ourselves lucky as we were able to escape the flames and evacuate - some of our neighbours weren’t so lucky.

If you see pictures or videos of our farm today, covered in lush green grass as far as the eye can see, it's hard to imagine it was anything but just dirt a few years ago. Dave always says to this day that it was like armageddon and he’s right. It was pretty hectic for about four months. There was only one patch of grass on our entire farm that didn’t get burnt. There were helicopters, the tops of the trees were on fire – it was really scary. When I think about it now, I still get goosebumps. We don’t want that to happen again.

We knew we weren’t alone. We knew that the road to recovery would be long and other farmers were going through it as well. After the immediate recovery was over, Dave and I knew we needed to do something different, otherwise we were going to go broke. We found ourselves at a turning point, and that’s how Our Cow started. 

How Our Cow Started

We started to sell some of our own produce on Facebook and Dave and I set a goal for ourselves to sell one body of Beef. We thought that would be awesome. Well, we didn’t sell one. We sold six! It was incredible, and immediately we used our network to connect with other local farmers and helped them sell their livestock too. It’s been a rollercoaster ever since, but a ride we’re loving every minute of!

We started delivering our own meat, just me and Dave, with our fridge ute trailer and it quickly developed into the Our Cow you know and love today. It’s pretty surreal sometimes. We wanted to bring some consistency to the livestock supply, and for the cattle market as well, and bring good quality meat to the tables of Australian families.


How we produce our own free-range and grass-fed beef

Since the drought and bushfires ran through our property, we’ve worked really hard to improve our farm and operations. We now run over 100 cows on our property in Baryulgil and supply some of the shorthorn beef produce you might’ve tasted from us already!

We were farmers before we started Our Cow and we’ll remain farmers for the rest of our lives - it’s in our blood (Dave is a third generation farmer) and we absolutely love it. The last few years we’ve really focused on improving water supply to ensure our cattle are always well-watered and well-fed with the best, lushest green grass to eat.

Our focus is ensuring our cattle have lots of fresh grass, clean water and plenty of space to roam free of stress and contaminants from their surroundings. Not only is this better for the cow, but it also means our beef is extra tender, succulent and full of important nutrients for you and your family to enjoy.

Our Farmers

It’s so important to us that we’re feeding people good quality meat, and the farmers we work with are truly second to none. We’re really proud to be where we are and we couldn’t do it without the support of our customers, which is you, so thank you.

We’re so lucky to have a heap of farmers on board now and supplying their livestock to Our Cow headquarters here in Casino. In starting Our Cow, we’ve been able to secure ourselves a stable and consistent market for our livestock and offer the same for other farmers and their families. The best part about this is that you too can support Aussie farmers, all by choosing to get your meat delivered.


P.S If you’re stuck for some ideas on how to cook up some of your favourite beef cute, check out our Recipes Section!

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