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Our Farmers: Meet John from Blue Fattoria, Bentley NSW

Wednesday 25 October 2023
Our Farmers: Meet John from Blue Fattoria, Bentley NSW

Why John’s Angus Beef & Wagyu is better for you

Everyday, we get to wake up and work with some of the best farmers in the country. We’re not backwards in coming forward, we truly believe we deliver the best free-range, grass-fed produce you’ll find and it’s important to us to foster a connection between you and where your food comes from.

Read on to meet cattle farmers John and Eleida, owners of Blue Fattoria, what it takes to produce the top-quality Wagyu and Angus, and more.


John and his wife Eleida live and work on a beautiful property in Fernside, just 15 minutes from Lismore, NSW. It should come as no surprise that their farm, Blue Fattoria, pays homage to the family’s Italian roots, meaning ‘blue farm'. There you can attend a farming workshop on ‘how to farm with nature’ and even stay at their gorgeous rustic farm accommodation.

While the farm produces various broad-acre crops and vegetables, it’s the grass-fed Wagyu and Angus Beef that’s John's pride and joy. He’s been a farmer for many years, but he’s really concentrated on supplying Our Cow with some of the best Wagyu Beef. “I like what Our Cow is doing,” says John. “Dave and Bianca are a young, enthusiastic team, taking our product from the farm, directly to the customer, which I think is a great thing. It’s a great system of getting the product to our customers while establishing and maintaining a connection.”


Grass-Fed and Free-Range Wagyu Beef

Raising grass-fed cattle is no easy feat. John is lucky at the moment, with the valley currently covered in lush green grass. “We like the idea of growing our cattle naturally and producing a natural product. The big difference is in terms of the end result. A cow is designed to eat grass. Their stomach is designed to digest grass, and when they are grass-fed, it produces the best product” says John.

When you think Wagyu, you might think ‘Japan’ or ‘grain fed’, but not for the herd at Blue Fattoria. John’s livestock is 100% grass-fed, and that means we can guarantee it’s a better tasting product. Grass-fed beef, regardless of breed, is known to have better texture and flavour. Wagyu in particular, is known for its incredible marbling, which helps to create a melt-in-your-mouth texture and flavour that leaves you wanting more.


Ethically raised, good for the environment, and good for you

Order your beef from Our Cow, and you’ll taste the difference and be getting plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals including phosphorus, B vitamins and zinc.

You’ll feel good too, knowing that the meals you’re putting on the table for your family are made with meat raised in a way that’s better for the environment. You see, grain-fed beef and other livestock has huge implications on our environment, including producing greater greenhouse gas emissions, and using more resources just growing and transporting the grain itself. You can read more on the health and environmental benefits of grass-fed and finished red meat here.

How do you like your beef?

Why not try it for yourself? Build your own box and choose from 31 Beef products available or try a handpicked selection of T-Bone Steaks, Rib Fillet Steaks, Beef Mince, Sizzle Steak, BBQ Sausages and Rump Steaks. It'll be the best tasting Beef you’ll ever eat – we guarantee it.

Stuck for ideas on how to cook Wagyu beef to restaurant quality at home? Check out this recipe from Hayden Quinn for Wagyu & Prawn Bun Thit Nuong, or have a browse of our Recipe Section for more ideas.

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