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We're Dave & Bianca and this is our story. We were so excited to purchase our first farm only to find out the hard way, farming isn't all what it's cracked up to be. We were faced with a series of horrific bushfires and the worst drought in Australia's History.

We needed to do something different.

It was during these challenging times we saw how strong the support for farmers and rural communities is, we had a vision to create an everlasting connection between farmers and the people who purchase their food. This is the driving force and inspiration of Our Cow from its early beginnings to today.

Our mission was simple.

To secure ourselves a stable and consistent market for our livestock, offer the same for other farmers and give people in the city an opportunity to support farmers everyday through their food choices. We wanted to connect consumers to where their food comes from, tell the positive stories of agriculture and deliver the very best grass fed and organic meat to the dinner table of fellow Aussie Families. Read More.

We started with just beef, now we offer it all...

We work with farmers in all areas of agriculture, and we now proudly deliver grass fed beef, organic chicken, free range pork and grass fed lamb, with the hopes to expand our offering even further in the future.

As the demand for traceability and good quality meat grew, so did our farmer base.

Starting Our Cow was always much bigger than us, we wanted to help farmers all across the country get a fair price for their livestock and connect them to where their food goes. Rarely as a farmer do you know where your produce ends up and it's extremely rewarding to know a family just like yours, in your own country is sitting down and enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Read more about what our Farmers and their families have to say here.

We're changing the industry, one delicious steak at a time.

Every day, more and more farmers are choosing to farm in a way that positively impacts their environment and consumers are choosing to source their food from ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly farmers. We know with more people choosing to eat better meat, the more positive impact we will have on our climate and our industry into the future.


The Exclusive Eaters Club.

A flexible and convenient meat delivery subscription service supporting Aussie Farmers.

What started as a modest goal of just 300 members and onboarding an additional 20 farmers, The Exclusive Eaters Club now boasts thousands of members and over 100 farmers across the country supplying our demand. With more members, we can support more farmers and make a change in our food system. We'd love you to join us.

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