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Our Mission

G’day, Dave & Bianca here.

Our mission is something really important to us, it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and drives us to make a difference in the meat and livestock industry.

Our Cow is redefining the future of food farming in Australia. We provide a transparent link between farmers and consumers and have created a stable market for farmers to sell directly to consumers fetching a premium price for their product. 

Our Cow is providing stability to farming families while providing the convenience, quality, and flexibility of online shopping and home delivery through our unique subscription to families all across Australia.

When we first started selling some of our own beef online in March 2019, it was the height of the worst drought in Australia’s history. We did not imagine that only two short years later, we would have returned almost $5,000,000 directly to the pockets of the farmers who bore the brunt of the tough drought times.

We also never imagined that Our Cow would have a team of amazing staff and a community of members who are passionate about eating better meat and knowing where their food comes from.

So, where to next? These are the questions that we ask ourselves…

  • What if we could have hundreds of thousands of people in the Exclusive Eaters Club?
  • How many farmers would that secure a future for?
  • What positive impact would this have on our environment?
  • What if over a million people choose to eat meat that wasn’t industrially farmed?
  • What if over a million people ate meat that was grass fed on farms sequestering carbon?
  • How many animals could Our Cow help to live in better conditions?
  • How many farmers would move their farms away from conventional farming methods, to move towards more sustainable farming practices?

Achieving the above is what drives us to continue to grow Our Cow. It has never been about just us – it was and always will be about supporting farmers, the environment and the local Australian economy.

Our Cow exists to make a change in the food system and to have a positive impact on the world with what we are doing.

This is our mission and we are so grateful to have so many members of the Exclusive Eaters Club to help us achieve this.

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