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*Delivery days are subject to change.

Delivery Guidelines

  1. Please ensure customer instructions are clear and concise. Customers must nominate a safe drop zone that does not require customer contact within their instructions.
  2. Drop zones must be: a. well lit b. offer unobstructed pathways c. free from loose animals (drivers will not enter with dogs present).
  3. Rural driveways will be accessed at driver discretion *unpaved, long, dimly lit, and steep driveways all present an increased risk of vehicles getting stuck and drivers are encouraged to be cautious. Rule of thumb: if the driver cannot see the house from the road, your order will be left in the safest spot near the road.
  4. We cannot guarantee customer contact will be made however customer contact during night-time deliveries is highly unlikely, even if requested. Please use the automated SMS as a primary form of notification upon receiving a delivery rather than driver contact. Customer’s mobile device settings can be changed to assist in this.
  5. Business deliveries should be routed to daytime delivery windows in order to provide the highest likelihood of the driver being able to access the drop spot. Please ensure business names are included in a separate field from the address to provide additional help for the drivers.
  6. Default drop spots: a. Default delivery drop spot is the front door. *Alternative delivery instructions can be accommodated but it will always remain up to driver discretion and will be left in a default drop zone if they cannot be followed.
  7. Overnight delivery default drop spot / protocol: a. Homes / Townhouses: Deliver to front door / unit door *We do not deliver to back doors at night b. Apartment complexes: If accessible the drivers will take to the unit door. If secure, the drivers will leave under intercom.
  8. Daytime deliveries default drop spot / protocol:
    • Driver’s will try to buzz customers once during the day.
    • Apartment complexes: If accessible drivers will take to unit door. *Due to COVID measures in certain states, unit delivery is subject to state lockdowns. If secure they will leave under intercom
    • Can accommodate back door / back yard requests if safe.
  9. Drivers will never enter a customer’s property including opening garage doors and placing inside of garage doors. Driver’s will never open boxes and remove items at the request of customers as the carton must remain in tact and sealed until received by the customer. Drivers will not drop items over fences, particularly high or solid fences that they cannot see through.


Enter your postcode above to see our delivery days.

For the safety of you and our drivers, we have introduced contact-free delivery. Drivers will drop off your order on your doorstep, lobby or another area designated by you to avoid any unnecessary contact.

Shipping is free for all orders over $199.

If you don’t happen to qualify for free shipping, delivery is $25

Yes we do! Remember to let us know if you’re going away so we can plan a delivery when you’ll be home. It’s always good to plan your delivery ahead of time, especially during busy periods like Christmas, New Year & Easter.

If you’re ordering your meat and products online, chances are you’re a busy person looking for convenient delivery…which is exactly what we offer. Our drivers have the authority to leave your order on your property without a signature on delivery so that your order is waiting for you the moment you get home. Our meat is packed in thermal boxes & will stay cold for up to 1.5hrs on a hot summer’s day. We recommend getting your box unpacked & in the fridge ASAP though! You will also receive an SMS the day prior to letting you know a time for delivery the following day and a tracking link to follow your box!

If you have problems with your delivery, please contact us and we’ll always work with you to address any issues.

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