Why we use cryovac packaging at Our Cow

28 Jul 2022 |
Cow Town
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Why we use cryovac packaging at Our Cow

How cryovacing our meat ensures tastier, tender meat with a longer shelf life, and how it compares to other types of meat packaging.

Here at Our Cow, we believe in not only providing the best quality meat Australia has to offer, straight from the paddock to your plate, but ensuring that it lasts as long as possible whilst preserving its flavour and tenderness. How we achieve this comes down to how we package and portion all of our meat cuts in a particular way, that differs from the vast majority of supermarkets and butcher shops. The packaging process we use is called cryovacing.

Cryovacing, also known as vacuum-sealing, removes almost all of the oxygen from inside every meat package in order to prevent oxidation. It is this oxidation, which happens quickly in everyday supermarket packaging, that can cause meat to quickly “go off”, change colour, and grow nasty pathogens. By removing this oxygen, meat bought through Our Cow undergoes a much slower, controlled breakdown process, also known as ‘wet-ageing’. 

Unlike typically-packaged meat, ‘wet-aged’ meat can last as long as 28 days fresh in your fridge (and up to 2 years in your freezer - always read the label for best before date!) without spoiling, and has the added benefit of taking up much less space due to its vacuum-sealed, tight packaging. It’s perfect for families buying their meat in bulk, travellers with limited cold storage, or anyone wanting their fridge and freezer to be super organised and space-efficient.

Additionally, here at Cow Town we do the time-consuming, monotonous work of meat portioning for you. Our meat can be purchased in family-friendly sizes of 500g or 1kg cryovaced portions, saving you time, energy and money. You can pop it straight from our insulated delivery box into your fridge or freezer; no need to waste time doing all of the meat portioning yourself.

Cryovacing not only keeps the meat fresh for longer, but also maintains its flavour and tenderness by breaking down its proteins and enzymes, effectively marinating your meat while it sits in the fridge. So, not only does your Our Cow meat last longer than supermarket meat, but our packaging also tenderises the meat in the process. The end result is even juicier, tastier steaks, sausages and mince for you and your family.

This process does produce one side effect that can be initially surprising - an occasional smell when you first open the packaging! Don’t let this put you off; cryovaced meat can sweat within its vacuum-sealed environment, which in turn helps to further increase its lovely tender, juicy flavour. It does not mean your meat is ‘off’ or inedible in any way - it’s completely normal.

Simply let your meat sit for 5-10 minutes after opening to allow it to ‘breathe’ and come up to room temperature (which is also recommended before cooking for all meat cuts, regardless of packaging).

Why we cryovac packaging clearly has so many benefits, but how do they weigh up against traditional supermarket packaging? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of each:

Need any more convincing that getting your meat delivered to your door from Our Cow is the best way to buy your ethically farmed meat from local Aussie farmers? Even our packaging and portioning is designed to enhance the natural tenderness and taste of your meat, while saving you time, money and space.

Enjoy it for yourself when you place an order with us today.

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