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Supporting our Aussie Farmers to feed Aussie Families

Tuesday 21 May 2024
Supporting our Aussie Farmers to feed Aussie Families

Putting Aussie Farmers First

While the traditional beef industry in Australia needs to focus on international export for continued success, here at Our Cow we work under an entirely different business model and philosophy. We truly believe that Aussie families should benefit first from our exceptional meat, produced and cared for with love by our smaller-scale, family-run farming operations.

Ensuring our Aussie families are having their needs met forms a huge part of our daily drive to deliver the best possible product, which in turn further supports and develops our industry as a whole. By supplying Aussie grown meat to Aussie families, we are ensuring that your money goes straight back into the pockets of those putting in the hard work on the land every day.

100% Traceability of product, from paddock to plate

For most farmers and in the traditional livestock industry, it’s almost impossible to know where your meat ends up and who it’s feeding at the end of the day. Whether it be in a large-chain supermarket, or exported overseas, the traceability of your product declines the moment it leaves your farm. However, within the Our Cow system, our farmers know with 100% certainty where their meat ends up, and are even able to communicate directly with their customers; the wonders of modern technology and social media! As such, Our Cow farmers are able to enjoy an incredible sense of pride, enjoyment and responsibility in and for their product, ensuring it is the best possible quality.

Why pay a restaurant price tag for Australian meat when you can get it directly, for less, through Our Cow? One of the reasons we started Our Cow was because we believe that Aussie families should have a way to give back to our Aussie farmers directly through their food choices, without having to go out to a high-end restaurant or have it shipped off to feed numerous foreign markets. We also wanted a way for our farmers to be supported in a stable and consistent environment, by everyday Aussies, and not just in ‘times of need’ such as natural disasters or similar.

Our Cow connects farmers directly to their customers, which is not only really special for everyone involved, but also quite unique in the Australian beef industry.

Every single meat cut that arrives to your doorstep comes cryovaced for freshness, and with a label that includes the name and location of the farmer that produced the animal that the meat cut has come from. Talk about paddock-to-plate!

How our Farmers are on board

Take Our Cow farmers Steve and Michelle from Eungella Shorthorns in Deer Vale NSW, for example. For Steve and Michelle, Our Cow’s passion for the paddock to plate philosophy is synonymous with their own vision for their family’s farm, and farming in general. “It’s just a whole concept of doing something that’s from family owned farms right through to your door, in one; one box, one plate. It’s all Aussie, it’s good people”, says Steve.

Not only that, but Michelle believes that buying meat through a business like Our Cow is the best thing you could do for your family. It encourages kids to learn about the process behind where meat comes from before it appears on the table at dinnertime, the importance of ethically-sourced meat and what exceptional quality actually looks and tastes like.

Best of all, you don’t even have to go out to a restaurant to eat such high quality meat; it’s there, on your table and ready for family dinner! On top of that, buying Eungella Shorthorn beef guarantees you and your family a prime product. “It’s the best of the best…you can actually stay at home and feed your kids ethically grown beef, and know you’re eating the best”, says Michelle.

With demand for greater traceability, pressure from overseas markets, supply chains and the uncertainty around weather events only increasing into the future, what better way to support Aussie farmers, and Aussie industry in general than by buying your meat through a 100% paddock-to-plate, Australian business. With education around the health benefits of grass-fed, ethically-raised red meat increasing, it is clear that buying your meat through Our Cow is a positive and sustainable means of ensuring your families’ growth, health and peace of mind. Serving Aussie customers, Aussie farmers and Aussie industry really does come first for us here at Our Cow.

Try some for yourself today by building your box here.

*Australian Beef Sustainability Framework Annual Update 2022

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