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Our Farmers: Meet Rod & Rita from “Clovervale”, Texas QLD

Wednesday 6 December 2023
Our Farmers: Meet Rod & Rita from “Clovervale”, Texas QLD

Rod and Rita are the proud owners and caretakers of “Clovervale”, a picturesque 1,800 acre property nestled about 5kms from the Dumaresq River in Texas, QLD. Their expansive and sustainable property, which is now run solely by Rod & Rita after their three adult children were also involved in the farm, provides some of the best Aussie White Sheep we’ve had the privilege of supplying at Our Cow!

Rod and Rita produce delicious lamb thanks to the 800 breeding ewes they raise on their property. They also previously farmed Charolais Cows, a French breed of beef cattle, but sadly after the recent drought they were left with only a handful of their cows, and now focus their efforts on their Aussie White Sheep flock instead.

Rod's connection to Clovervale is lifelong, with parts of the property being in his family since the soldiers' settlement distributions post-World War I. Rod has been in the sheep industry his whole life, starting out as a sheep shearer before taking over the family property. Rita joined him over 40 years ago, bringing her own passion and dedication to the farm. 

Their shift from merino wool to meat sheep (after the Australian Wool Reserve Price Scheme was abandoned in 2001) reflects their adaptive and forward-thinking approach, always looking for ways to evolve and grow their farm while committing to sustainable farming practices.

For Rod and Rita, farming is more than a job; it's a way of life. They relish the flexibility and the satisfaction of seeing their hard work come to life. Each day brings its own challenges and demands, especially during times of drought, but the rewards of working on their own land and seeing the results of their efforts make it all worth it for them.

As Rita says, “We wouldn’t cope with a 9-to-5 job now; the days on the farm can be long, but you usually get out of it what you put in!”.

Choosing to become an Our Cow supplier was a strategic and values-driven decision for Rod and Rita. The Our Cow business model, with its efficient and transparent operations, aligns perfectly with their philosophy of sustainable and ethical farming and supporting paddock-to-plate initiatives in Australia. The certainty of knowing the price they will receive for their livestock, as opposed to the unpredictable saleyard prices, is a significant advantage, allowing them to plan and budget more effectively.

Outside of the farm, Rod is a keen racehorse trainer and has celebrated several wins over the years. The nearby Dumaresq River offers a perfect escape for fishing with their grandkids, who often visit the farm and love getting involved in lamb marking.

While all their lamb products are top-notch and absolutely delicious, Rita says you can’t beat a classic lamb roast, the family’s favourite, closely followed by crumbed lamb cutlets! 

Try some of Rod & Rita’s delicious grass-fed Aussie White Lamb in your next order here 

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