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Our Farmers: Meet Paul & the team from Mooloolaba Fisheries, Sunshine Coast QLD

Tuesday 20 February 2024
Our Farmers: Meet Paul & the team from Mooloolaba Fisheries, Sunshine Coast QLD

In the heart of the Sunshine Coast, nestled in its own wharf lies Mooloolaba Fisheries - a family-owned wild-caught Australian seafood operation and the birthplace of the Mooloolaba Prawn! 

With a rich history and an unwavering commitment to sustainable seafood, Mooloolaba Fisheries is an industry leader and innovator in wild-caught seafood offerings. We couldn’t be more proud to partner with General Manager Paul Schenk and his team to offer this premium product directly to our customers at Our Cow!

The wharf where Mooloolaba Fisheries now resides first began in the 1960s as the Mooloolaba Co-Op, before transforming into a private entity in the 1980s. Mooloolaba Fisheries was purchased by Gary Heilmann in 2000, and to this day remains 100% family owned and operated. At that time, Gary initially focused on tuna fishing, and with 14 tuna fishing boats running at any given time, Mooloolaba Fisheries was the largest Tuna operator in the country. 

Over time Gary strategically shifted and diversified the business into other wild-caught seafood offerings, which saw the expansion into more retail shops and innovative seafood processing methods. 

Operating from their wharf in Mooloolaba, which accommodates 25 commercial fishing boats, Mooloolaba Fisheries is a bustling hub of activity 7 days a week. The wharf is not just a mooring site but also houses a state-of-the-art processing facility. Their team, ranging from 50 to over 100 team members during peak seasons, skillfully manages a trio of landmark Seafood Markets - Fisheries on the Spit in Mooloolaba, Point Cartwright Seafood Market in Kawana, and Noosa Junction Seafood Market in Noosa.

Specialising in Wild Caught Australian Seafood, Mooloolaba Fisheries moves tonnes of fresh, quality seafood every week. They are leaders in seafood processing innovation, becoming the first in Australia to offer portioned, individually packaged seafood.

For Paul and the team at Mooloolaba Fisheries, the wharf is the best office in Australia! As Paul says, “We sit on our wharf and watch the world pass us by on the Mooloolah River, and across the road is the world famous Mooloolaba Beach, which is unique with its north-facing aspect. It’s a live wharf and business and there is never a dull moment.” 

As all of their produce is fresh and wild caught, they have to rely on many factors including the weather, tides and moons, fishing seasons, fishing quotas, fisherman, and prices. This connection to the environment and their expertise in fishing and processing is what makes each portion of seafood from Mooloolaba Fisheries a product of both passion and quality.

With their creative team constantly experimenting with new ideas and concepts, and often testing their new creations directly on customers at their Fisheries on the Spit seafood market, we know we’re guaranteed a great tasting product from a business at the forefront of the Australian seafood industry.

It’s this expertise that makes Mooloolaba Fisheries a perfect wild-caught seafood partner for us here at Our Cow. With the team having spent years perfecting their expertly packaged seafood offerings to market, we saw the opportunity to offer this ethically produced and individually packaged seafood to our customers who value the origin and story behind their food.

As Paul says, “We love our prawns - it seems no matter how many you eat, you still want more!”

We highly recommend you try the Mooloolaba Fisheries difference for yourself and add some wild-caught Australian seafood to your next order here .

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