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Our Farmers: Meet Mick & Thip Duck from Quackers Maccas, Northern Rivers NSW

Wednesday 6 December 2023
Our Farmers: Meet Mick & Thip Duck from Quackers Maccas, Northern Rivers NSW

We're SO excited to introduce you to Mick & Thip Duck, the passionate and innovative farmers behind Quackers Maccas, a unique macadamia nut farm nestled in the picturesque Hogarth Range in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. 

Mick and his partner Thip own and manage the beautiful 69-hectare property, where they cultivate 5,500 mature macadamia trees spread across 16 hectares, with the rest of the land preserved as natural bush. Their macadamia nut trees are over 22 years old!

Mick and Thip's adventure into macadamia farming began in 2016 when they took over an already thriving macadamia orchard. Thanks to their knowledge, expertise and hard work, within 2 years they were managing the farm independently. 

In 2022, Mick and Thip made the pivotal decision to expand their horizons beyond the traditional path of selling only to processors. They ventured into value-adding processes and products, transforming around 6 tonnes of in-shell nuts into approximately 2 tonnes of exquisite macadamia kernel through their meticulous craftsmanship. This move marked the birth of Quackers Maccas, a range of premium macadamia products that showcase their commitment to quality and innovation​​.

For Mick and Thip, farming is more than a livelihood; it's a lifestyle that allows them to be their own bosses and enjoy the beautiful environment they’re surrounded by. While they’re kept very busy on the farm (they manage the whole operation between the two of them!), in their spare time the couple enjoy hosting family and friends on their property, sharing the beauty of their natural bushland. 

Joining forces with Our Cow was another big step for Mick and Thip in cutting out the middleman and providing customers with their top quality products sourced directly from the farmer. They were drawn to our business model, which not only aligns with their sustainable farming practices but also connects them with a broad customer base eager to know the origin of their food. It's this transparency and community connection that makes Our Cow an ideal partner for Quackers Maccas.

As Mick says, “We take great pride in sharing our passion and hard work with you, and we hope that each bite of our macadamias brings you joy and satisfaction.”

We couldn’t be happier to offer Mick & Thip’s top quality and absolutely delicious range of macadamia nut products now at Our Cow! You can add some to your next order here

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