Our Farmers: Meet Kym & Tony from Kahmoo Pastoral, New England Highlands NSW

14 Jul 2022 |
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Our Farmers: Meet Kym & Tony from Kahmoo Pastoral, New England Highlands NSW

Meet the mother-and-son powerhouse team making waves in the free-range grass fed lamb industry.

We love visiting Kym, her son Tony, and their families at Kahmoo Pastoral in the New England Highlands of NSW. The team at Kahmoo are some of our most passionate Aussie White Sheep farmers, and producers of some of the tastiest and most succulent lamb we've ever eaten.

Where it all began

Kym & Tony are a mother-and-son duo who are making waves in the free-range grass fed lamb industry. Their family has a serious history in agriculture in Australia, with Kym's great-grandfather having literally arrived in a horse and buggy from South Australia in the late 1800s. He settled in Cunnamulla QLD, and started breeding Merino sheep for their wool.

Today, the farm in Cunnamulla has been transformed into a top breeding station for their thriving Aussie White Sheep herd. In fact, Kym & Tony both became licensed pilots so they could fly themselves between their two operations in QLD and NSW!

As fourth and fifth generation farmers, they hope that one day Tony's kids will be the sixth generation on the land and continue the commitment of Kym and Tony to produce the best quality lamb possible.


How Aussie White Sheep thrive at Kahmoo Pastoral

Producing such a top quality product all comes down to how the sheep are raised, the environment they're nurtured in, and the immense passion of their farmers.

Kym & Tony's herd of Aussie White Sheep are bred at their farm in Cunnamulla, where their whole operation is centred around raising a premium, healthy & natural life for their sheep. 

The herd are then brought to their farm in the Highlands where they can enjoy the diverse country perfect for raising grass-fed lamb. It's all about the animal at Kahmoo Station - the lambs are nurtured and fed in the lush paddocks, cared for by people who are passionate about their welfare, and supported by generations of farming and agricultural expertise.

It all starts with Kym

Boasting a trailblazing career in lamb farming hasn't always been an easy ride for Kym, especially in a typically male-dominated industry. But despite the challenges, Kym says she couldn't imagine doing anything else.

"Kahmoo Station was left to my grandmother, which she took on, and then to my mother, and now to me - and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

I love the sheep, I love the landscape and living in it, I love living outside, and I think we're very lucky to have all of that. We've been on a journey with our lamb to produce the best product possible, and we've got the genetics just right to get that. I love improving sheep and seeing sheep live better, and know that we're producing a product that Our Cow's customers love", Kym says.

One of the reasons Kym loves partnering with Our Cow is the feedback she receives on the quality and output of her animals - and how she can continually improve to meet the needs of our customers.

"We want to have a perfect, consistent product that customers love. Our Cow helps us achieve that by telling us how we're doing, how our product is being received, and what we can do to improve. You don't get that when you sell meat into a big abattoir, there's no transparency or traceability. We always know how are lamb are doing through Our Cow, and that's what helps our customers at the end of the day."

"We're looking forward to having more people come on board with Our Cow - every farmer, every grazier, the more people we can help and support in Australia, the better off we all are, together", Kym says.

Tony's just as passionate as his mum when it comes to producing top quality lamb. "We've been breeding and raising sheep for a long time, but working with Our Cow is one of the most exciting things we've ever been part of. We're very passionate about what we do, and we're very lucky to be involved with people who are just as passionate", Tony says.

It's working with farmers like Kym & Tony that reminds us why we do what we do, and why we love it! When you buy from Our Cow, you're directly supporting ethical, hard-working and top quality farmers like Kym, Tony and their families, who have been working the land for over 100 years and are absolute experts at what they do.

You can try some of Kym & Tony's fantastic grass-fed and free range lamb in your next meat delivery.

Check out some of our delicious lamb recipes, including Celebrity Chef Hayden Quinn's Aussie Cassoulet - which he cooked up on Kym & Tony's farm using their tasty lamb!


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