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Our Farmers: Meet Kerry & Paul from Nimbin Valley Dairy

Wednesday 10 May 2023
Our Farmers: Meet Kerry & Paul from Nimbin Valley Dairy

In the rolling hills of the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales you’ll find Nimbin Valley Dairy - a fifth-generation family-owned and operated dairy farm that produces some of the finest artisanal cheeses, yoghurt, and dairy products available in Australia for over a decade. 

Kerry & Paul’s commitment to sustainable farming practices, a deep respect for the land, and a dedication to quality have made Nimbin Valley Dairy a highly sought after brand among food enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers alike, and an absolute staple of local produce.

Working with Nimbin Valley Dairy is a truly exciting partnership, with their farming philosophy so closely aligned with our own - to bring the most wholesome and delicious food possible, from their paddock to your plate.

With a significant focus on farming sustainably and caring for the environment, Paul & Kerry are committed to “walking lightly on the land” and use farming methods that closely mimic nature. Their pastures are nourished by legumes and composted manure, and pests are managed with biological control methods instead of harmful pesticides.

Their commitment to produce food which is free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics demands a different approach, and is an excellent example of why we love working with Nimbin Valley Dairy. While this approach often takes a little extra time and effort, they believe that happy and healthy animals provide the best possible milk for us to turn into naturally tasty cheeses and dairy products.

In just one example, ten years ago Paul & Kerry began a tree planting program to help offset the emissions made by their cows and goats in acknowledgement of the effect this has in contributing to global warming. To date they have planted enough trees to offset the annual greenhouse gas emissions from their goats, and their goal is to completely offset the emissions of their cow herd and cheesemaking, too. How amazing is that!

Additionally, all of their sustainable cheese and milk packaging is made of 100% recyclable plastic, and they use 100% ‘Green Power’ - energy procured from renewable resources. They have also reduced the use of chemical fertilisers on their farm by over 80% since starting to use composted animal manure as their main source of soil nutrients.

Nimbin Valley Dairy produce a range of handcrafted cheeses, butter, kefir, milk and yoghurt directly on their farm, and we’re so proud to now be stocking a selection of their beautiful and top quality produce.

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