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Our Cow Farmers: Aussie Leaders in Sustainable Farming Practice

Tuesday 21 May 2024
Our Cow Farmers: Aussie Leaders in Sustainable Farming Practice

Reducing carbon emissions in beef farming

The recent 2022 Australian Beef Sustainability Report^ highlights the importance of the Australian beef industry to continue reducing its carbon emissions, in order to reach carbon neutrality by 2030, and to continue leading the world in its sustainability and agricultural production practices.

While we wholeheartedly agree this is important, the reality is that it’s easier said than done, especially on the scale we have in Australia. How to actually meet and exceed these ambitious targets, at scale, is noted as a key challenge for the industry over the coming decade.

The part Our Cow farmers play

At Our Cow, a large part of the criteria we have when bringing a new farmer into our family includes analysing their farming operation for sustainable farming practice, environmental management (including carbon emissions and reduction practices in place), and opportunity for the animals to live a natural, stress-free life with plenty of fresh grazing opportunity.

In fact, farming sustainably is so second nature to our farmers that they often plant hundreds of thousands of trees without even thinking about the positive impact this is having on Australia’s carbon reductions; they do it because it’s the right thing for their cattle, the right thing for their land, the environment, and their property’s future.

For example, Our Cow farmer Ian Cork recently planted 100,000 trees on his property over twelve months in Dorrigo NSW, not because he was seeking recognition or to be a positive statistic in a report, but because he knows, intrinsically, that it is the best thing for his animals, his farm, and his families’ future.

This attitude is not uncommon within the farming families working with Our Cow; they are often the quiet achievers of the agricultural industry, working sustainably and ethically in the background, year after year, to achieve the best quality of life possible for their cattle and as custodians of the land.

They don't do it to meet a national target or to be featured within a report, but because it’s simply the right thing to do. Another great reason to support Our Cow farmers.

Investing in regenerative farming practices

Many Our Cow farmers have also invested heavily in regenerative farming projects to ensure the future of the land they live and work on. Water infrastructure to prevent erosion, rotational grazing practices, carbon sequestration, and setting up water systems for cattle to easily drink from are just some examples of the time, money and substantial resources Our Cow farmers put into their sustainable farms.

The difference is that our farmers don’t implement these practices for their own financial benefit or external industry recognition; they do it because they want to be the best possible custodians of their land, the best grass growers and the best beef producers, for themselves, their families, and the Aussie households they’re feeding.

We guarantee the ethical treatment of our animals

At Our Cow, we can guarantee that 100% of our livestock have access to shade, water and fresh grass every single day - and usually a back scratcher too! We choose to only work with farming families who share the same philosophy and mission as we do; to provide the best possible sustainable and ethically-raised produce in Australia.

Every single Our Cow farm is its own living ecosystem, from trees to native forests, where animals grow and live in stress-free, well-loved environments. Not having adequate access to shade, water or grass puts significant pressure on animals and significantly affects their quality of life. At Our Cow, this is simply unacceptable.

"Our animals deserve respect, and we give it to them."

At Our Cow founder’s, Dave & Bianca’s property in Baryulgil NSW, you’ll often find their cattle wallowing in the dam during a hot day or finding a shady tree to lay under while chewing their cud. Whilst this seems pretty basic, for many animals in Australia it is sadly considered a luxury that not all animals have access to.

At Our Cow, we can guarantee that every single animal produced by any one of our farming families has ready access to these life necessities.

Further, as Bianca describes, “we really believe that because of their living environment, the low stress and ability to just be themselves, our meat tastes so much better; more flavoursome and tender, and it’s just the right thing to do. Our animals deserve respect, and we give it to them”.

Where you buy your meat from makes a difference

With the fear of further drought or flood coming in the next ten years and the pressures such significant weather events will have on the industry, it’s no wonder that the Australian Beef industry is making sustainability and the environment its priority. However, what better way to realistically move forward to the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 than by choosing to consume meat from farmers who are already leading the way in sustainable farming practices and animal welfare.

Our Cow can 100% guarantee that the meat we produce and supply is not only exceptional quality, but is at the forefront of sustainable, ethical practice.

Where better to look for the future of beef farming in Australia, than Our Cow! Try some of our ethically farmed, free range meat today in your next order .

You can read more about our individual farmers, their families, and what they do to care for their land and animals every day, on our Blog here.

*ABS 2022 Report, p.27

^2022 Australian Beef Sustainability Framework Report

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