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Free Range Chicken has landed at Our Cow!

Tuesday 15 August 2023
Free Range Chicken has landed at Our Cow!

Introducing Elgin Valley Free Range Chicken

Elgin Valley provide another healthy variation of chicken to Aussie families that's ethically produced, officially free range accredited, and completely free of growth and synthetic hormones.

And the best part? Our new free range chicken is going to save you a few bucks at the checkout, too!

The wonderful local farming families behind Elgin Valley Free Range Chickens, in the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains QLD, have worked hard to ensure that their chickens are:

🐔 Happy - with bigger barn openings (double the standard) and open range to peck, scratch and explore. 

🐔 Safe - Fully netted range means no predators and no stress.

🐔 Healthy - Free to vary their diet with grass and seeds in a biosecure environment. No growth promoting hormones or antibiotics are given to the chickens, ever.

A nurturing & comfortable home

The local farming families behind Elgin Valley have created an environment that's truly the best of the best for their free range chickens.

Located in the stunningly beautiful foothills of the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, all Elgin Valley chickens roam free on acres of lush green pasture. The local farmers have spent a lot of time and money to create the most nurturing and comfortable home possible, nestled in one of Australia’s most beautiful locations.

Chooks at Elgin Valley never, ever spend time locked in cages - they're on the ground at all times free to roam between sheltered, shaded and fully sunlit areas. The outdoor areas provide lots of natural shade for the chickens, perfect for protection against that Queensland sun, and all chickens are kept safe and warm inside their big sheds at night.

The team at Elgin Valley developed their chicken sheds so that 70% of the side wall can be opened up to allow better access for the chickens to roam free and explore their luscious outdoor area. This is twice the FREPA (Free Range Egg and Poultry Association) standard and helps them achieve a high level of range usage.

The weather is also watched closely and chickens are always brought into the safety and warmth of the shed for protection whenever needed.

It really is the best of the best for the chickens at Elgin Valley.

Reducing stress 

Special netting has been installed across all Elgin Valley shelters to keep their chickens safe and away from predators, leaving them free to roam without the stress of outside harm or having their space invaded by other birds. This also protects them from outside birds bringing in potential disease.

Such great protection means that Elgin Valley farmers are able to set their chickens free to roam in their pasture from only 17 days old, as opposed to the industry standard of 21 days, thus allowing the chickens to stretch, exercise, socialise and explore earlier.

Quality Diet for every Chook

Elgin Valley chooks also enjoy a specially crafted diet. The farm’s own nutritionist and veterinarian ensures that every chicken is provided with a balanced diet, consisting of quality cereal grains and protein meals. Their feed is also supplemented with vitamins, minerals, essential oils and organic acids to ensure the chickens are as fighting fit as can be.

Food and water is provided at all times of the day and night inside the shed, but chickens are also free to forage amongst the natural vegetation in their pasture as they explore throughout the day. 


NO Antibiotics or Growth Hormones, EVER!

Elgin Valley farmers take the health and welfare of their chickens very seriously and do not allow any growth promoting antibiotics or growth hormones to be given to their chickens, ever.

If chickens become sick and require antibiotics, this is only ever carried out under the farm veterinarian’s direction and those specific birds are never sold as free range.

In order to obtain and keep their FREPA accreditation, Elgin Valley farmers ensure they meet the National regulations for meat consumption and undergo regular testing to confirm this. Their farm and farming practices are also regularly audited to ensure their high standards are being met and maintained. 

These audits are welcomed by Elgin Valley farmers who are proud to demonstrate the care and quality of their chickens and facilities.

Certified Free Range Chicken

Clearly, our Elgin Valley farmers are serious about animal welfare and the highest possible quality of their meat. Just take a look at how many National standards they happily meet.

Elgin Valley Chooks are:

  • FREPA accredited
  • CODEX HACCP compliant
  • RSPCA compliant
  • BRC compliant
  • SafeFood QLD compliant
  • Aus-Meat compliant
  • 100% Australian owned and grown

Why Buy Elgin Valley Chicken through Our Cow?

With healthy chickens comes healthy, nutritious, affordable food for you and your family. Buying free range Elgin Valley meat assures you the absolute best quality chicken there is, grown and nurtured in a safe, spacious and healthy environment. 

Chicken farms are typically known to be sites of caged cruelty. That is NOT the case with Elgin Valley chicken. Every animal is given the best possible life, with not a single cage in sight.

This is why we choose to work with Elgin Valley Free Range Chickens here at Our Cow. We guarantee you're getting a natural, wholesome and healthy chicken that you can feel good about.

Welcome to the Our Cow family, Elgin Valley!

Try some of our ultra-tasty and nutritious Free Range Chicken in your next order.

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