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Celebrating Our Cow's incredible Female Farmers

Monday 11 September 2023
Celebrating Our Cow's incredible Female Farmers

"Here at Our Cow, we are incredibly proud to work with a number of really special, caring, hard-working people, who not only supply us our meat, but really care about our customers, our team, and us.

The dedication of our farmers in ensuring their livestock are as well fed, happy and stress-free as possible really is second to none, and we love having the opportunity to learn from them as they share their personal experiences and family stories with us. 

We're particularly proud to be working with so many ‘superwomen’ in Aussie farming; women who, in addition to being amazing farmers in their own right, juggle so many other responsibilities every single day. They're the women working every day to continue improving our communities, and moving the Agricultural industry in Australia forward with their business partners, families and teams.

From running the technical side of their farming operations, to managing the accounts and administration, marketing, logistics, as well as their own families and households, Our Cow’s leading ladies really do it all.

We think so highly of all the wonderful farmers we work with. Here we highlight the stories of a few of Our Cow’s ‘superwomen’; the farmers, businesswomen, and partners who keep everything ticking over, every single day. "

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