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  • Keep the slow cooker cooking this winter, premium Grass Fed Meat to keep you and your family healthy and warm this winter. 2kgs Diced Steak 2kgs Beef Mince 1.5kgs Beef Roast 1kg Smoked Ham Hock 1kg Bacon Bones 1kg Osso Bucco 1kg Brisket 1kg  Beef Short Ribs  
  • Sale!

    The Carnivore Box

    $360.00 $315.00
    The Ultimate Carnivore's Delight! If you're eating bulk meat, you need to know its high quality. Thick Cut Y-Bone Steak x 4 (1kg-1.3kg) Eye Fillet x 4 (800-820g) Sizzle Steaks x 1kg Beef Roast x 1.5kg Beef Brisket x 2 (2kgs) Diced Beef x 1kg Beef Mince x 2kg Chuck Steak x 1kg Blade Steaks x 4 (900-1kg) Beef Ribs x 1kg
  • Mega Beef Box

    $269.00$469.00 or from $255.55$445.55 / month
    A taste of all the beef we have to offer! Now with Thick Cut Steaks! Grass Fed Beef, directly from the farmer. Ethically raised, sustainably produced, hormone and antibiotic free.

    - T-Bone - Blade Steaks - Rib Fillet - Rump Steak - BBQ Steaks - Mince - Sausages - Diced Beef - Beef Brisket - Beef Roast or Silverside

  • Farmers Selection Subscription

    $199.00$629.00 / month
    Always have our best-sellers on hand, make every meal amazing with an assortment of 100% pasture raised beef, pork and lamb. (Plus an extra special handpicked item with each delivery!) *Cuts can vary based on availability.
  • The Pork Box

    $262.00 or $262.00 $246.28 / month

    Plus our delicious Nitrate Free Bacon!  We only source the very best Free Range Pork from Our Cow Farmers across the Northern Rivers. Our Bacon is made from the same free range pork, it's nitrate free & smoked in house. Like nothing you've tasted before...

    4 x Pork Shoulder Chops. 400-450g each 1 x 1.5kg Rolled Pork Roast 1kg Pork Spare Ribs 1kg Pork USA Ribs 500g Diced Pork 1kg Pork Mince 1.5kg Pork Sausages 1kg Bacon
  • Mini Beef Box

    $189.00$389.00 or from $179.55$369.55 / month
    Now with Thick Cut steaks! This box is perfect to fit straight into your City Apartment Fridge Freezer. With steaks portioned in packs of 2, mince and sausages in easy 500g packets, storage will not be an issue. Grass Fed Beef hand selected from Our Cow farmers, the quality is second to none. You can choose the size of your box to suit your families needs.

    - T-Bone Steaks - Rump Steaks - Y-Bone Steaks - Rib Fillet Steaks - BBQ Steaks - Mince - Sausages - Diced Beef

  • The Teaser Box

    $69.00 or $64.00 / month

    "Just enough to touch the sides"

    2 of our very best rib fillets, a kilo of premium mince and half a dozen premium, gluten-free beef sausages.
  • BBQ Box

    $129.00 or $119.00 / month
    Fire up the BBQ, summer is here!

    - 2kgs Premium Beef Mince - 2kgs Gluten Free Beef Sausages - 12 BBQ Steaks

  • The Mixed Box

    $369.00 or $369.00 $357.93 / month
    The ultimate Mixed Meat Box. Full of Grass Fed Goodness and some house smoked bacon to top it off!

    2kg Beef Sausages 1kgs Beef Mince 1kg Pork Mince 1kg Mixed Lamb Chops 4 Pork Shoulder Chops (1.3-1.5kg) 4 Tbones (1.3kg-1.5kg) 4 Rumps (950g-1.1kg) Sizzle Steaks (900g-1kg) 1.5kg Pork Roast 1kg Pork Stir Fry Strips 1kg Diced Stewing Steak 500g Free Range Bacon

      *Pork Roast is subject to availability, this could be exchanged for a beef roast or lamb roast.
  • Small Lamb Box

    $219.00 or $219.00 / month
    Premium Grass Fed Lamb from the Northern Rivers.

    - Bone in Leg Roast: 1.5kg - Loin Chops: 8 - Loin Cutlets: 8 - Spare Ribs: 6 - Mince: 500g - Lamb Shanks: 2 - Gourmet Lamb Sausages: 1kg - Chump Chops: 4 - BBQ Forequarter Chops: 8

  • Low & Slow Box

    $365.00 or $320.00 / month
    This Low & Slow box is perfect for the weekend BBQ!

    2kgs Pork USA Ribs 2 x 1kg Pieces Beef Brisket 3kgs Beef Ribs 1.5kg Pork Roast 1.5kg Beef Roast 2 x Tbones (700-750g) 2 x Pork Shoulder Chops (750-800g) 2kgs Sausages 2kgs Beef Mince

  • Bulk Beef Sausages! Perfect for the family who loves sausages or the family BBQ coming up! 7kg of Grass Fed & Gluten Free Beef Sausages. Delivered Fresh, directly to your door.