The Ultimate Carnivore’s Delight!
If you’re eating bulk meat, you need to know its high quality.
Cuts like diced beef, flank steak which are perfect for slow cooking.
Y-Bone, Eye Fillet & Blade Steak are great for the grill or BBQ.

Dust each cut with your complementary Our Cow Seasoning!

Thick Cut Y-Bone Steak x 4 (1kg-1.3kg)
Diced Beef x 1kg
Sizzle Steaks x 500g
Beef Roast x 1.5kg
Beef Brisket x 1kg
Blade Steak x 4 (1kg)
Beef Mince x 1kg
Chuck Steak x 1kg
Eye Fillet x 2 (400g)