How your support creates opportunities for the next generation of Aussie Farmers

29 Jun 2022 |
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How your support creates opportunities for the next generation of Aussie Farmers

Why buying paddock-to-plate with Our Cow secures a future in farming for our Aussie farming families.

Australia's Agricultural Industry

More and more young people are becoming a part of Australia’s agricultural industry and the role they play is integral. Recent research tells us they’re commonly entering the industry with more formal qualifications than their predecessors (in terms of tertiary or higher education qualifications), they’re willing to push the boundaries to find new ways of doing things, and they’re the ones that will keep working hard to maintain Australia’s $83.1 billion agricultural industry into the future.* 

While that sounds healthy, key metrics on Australia’s farming industry are down across the board, with widespread drought, flooding, the growing cost of feed, disruptions to supply due to COVID implications and more making the business of farming even tougher. The total number of agricultural businesses are down 2%, and national poultry flock as well as cattle, sheep and pig herds are down as well. In fact, the national sheep flock reached its lowest level in more than 100 years last year.^


Unlike employment in the corporate world, or working in the city where there’s plenty of opportunity to change jobs or take promotions, there aren't layers of support and security for Aussie farmers. There are good and bad times; seasons of abundant crops and healthy livestock, and times of drought, disease and flooding, often stretching over years. It’s just a part of life on the farm, and our farmers have to be incredibly resilient to weather all the storms and keep going.

As the agricultural landscape changes and farmers who have been working for decades begin to hand over the reins to the next generation, it’s never been more important to support and maintain Australia’s agricultural industry. There are small actions you can take that have a huge impact on the next generation of farmers that ensures their livelihood, stability and family. The biggest impact one can have is deciding where they spend their money.

Choosing to get your free-range, grass-fed and organic produce delivered to you directly supports Aussie farmers in more ways than one – and – it’s better for you and your family. It’s a win-win. By supporting farmers directly through paddock-to-plate supply, your hard earned money is going further, getting you a better quality product, and it’s maximising the return our farmers receive for their livestock (rather than the supermarkets and everyone in-between getting a share of the profit before it hits the people who actually put in the hard work to produce it).

Supporting the next generation of Aussie Farmers

One of our trusted farmers, Sam, and his family are fourth generation farmers, so they know a thing or two about managing a farm and what it takes to carry on running the family business. Sam and his wife, Emma-Rose, own Willunga Pastoral, a picturesque blacksoil farm near Warialda, but it was originally owned by Sam’s great grandfather. Sam & Emma now run the property along with their two young boys, who they hope will not only want to continue running the farm, but that there will also be a sustainable future in the agricultural industry in Australia by the time they’re ready to hand the reins over.

“This farm was bought by my great grandfather in the late 1800s. He was from Sydney and decided he wanted to move to the country and get into the rural agriculture sector. It was handed over to my grandfather and then he passed away when my father was in his twenties, so my father took over” Sam says. 

At first, Sam’s father continued trading free-range, grass-fed lamb, but as drought progressed, they made the decision to switch to cattle. “It was a pretty hard decision for Dad during those times” Sam said. “In mid 2018 we sold the last of our cattle, and there was probably a period of six or 12 months where we didn’t have anything.” 

It's in the family

Since Sam and his family got back into Aussie White Sheep and expanded their offering on their property, they haven’t looked back. “It’s really special. It’s a lifestyle, not a job when you’re on the land. We’ve got two young boys. Hopefully they’ll be the fifth generation here” Sam said. “Our eldest is nearly three, and he loves going off with Dad. He loves being in the yards, riding the two tractors.”

“It’s a big family operation and every day is a challenge, and my kids are a part of it. My mother and father are still very involved, and my brother and his wife, as well as their little son are also involved. We’re all in it together” Sam said. “I think every generation that comes through seems to do something a bit different, and try something new, and we were supported which is great.” 

For farming families like Sam’s, choosing to buy your produce from them through Our Cow, means the world. “I know we’ve put all we can into the Lambs we produce. We’ve looked after them best we can and it’s great knowing they get straight to Our Cow for fellow Aussies, that’s what we’re all about.”

“It's so important to get out there how much we care about our livestock, and our plants - these sheep have had a good life and they're from a family who's cared for them. We love being onboard with Our Cow, we feel very lucky!"


Build your own box or choose from our carefully curated Classic Mixed Box, Classic Beef or Classic Lamb box and we’ll deliver free-range, grass-fed and organic meat to your door. You’ll be enjoying some of Australia’s best meat and supporting Aussie farmers while you’re at it. 


*2021-2022. Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. 

^2019-2020 Australian Bureau of Statistics, Agricultural Commodities, Australia.

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