The Health Benefits of Grass Fed & Finished Red Meat

24 Jun 2022 |
Health & Nutrition
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The Health Benefits of Grass Fed & Finished Red Meat

What grass-fed and finished means, why it’s better for you & better for the environment.

We believe if you don't have your health, you don't have anything! Good health starts with good food, knowing where your food comes from and the process it goes through before it gets to you is equally important. Remember that saying “you are what you eat”? Well, it’s true and it guides us in who we choose to work with and how we find the best quality produce available in Australia today.

Grass Fed versus Grain Fed Animals

Many cows, lambs and other animals are fed a grain-only diet as it’s cheaper and requires less land for the animal to graze. But, eating only grain (especially corn and soy) is unnatural for animals. It makes them more susceptible to bacteria and disease, which leads to long-term antibiotic use. It causes ill health and stress to the animal, and affects the quality, taste & nutritional value of the meat you eat.

If it’s been in the animal’s body, it’s going into your body when you eat their meat. It’s as simple as that.

An animal that eats grass only, is produced naturally with lots of access to clean spring water and roaming freely, is healthier, leaner and happier. Grass-fed animals produce antioxidants that help reduce and slow damage to our cells, and their meat is higher in omega 3 fatty acids, which gives us energy and are vital for good health.

Farming Practices

Grass fed and organic meat suppliers also use far less chemicals on their land, so their soil has more nutrients, which go into the grass the animals eat. Engaging in sustainable and regenerative farming practices through grass fed and free range production is better for the environment, and better for you. 

How an animal is raised, what they eat and what their environment is like, makes a huge difference to the life of that animal, the quality of the meat they produce, and the impact it has on you when you eat it.

Why we care

We’ve spent so much time travelling Australia over the last few years to find the best of the best farmers. We put the time and effort in because it’s important for us to personally guarantee the quality of their produce, and that their animals have been ethically raised & treated.

And these things make a difference - to you, your family, and to our environment. It also means we can support our Aussie farmers who are putting in the hard yards to raise organic, grass-fed animals the right way. 

We’re proud to put hand on heart and and guarantee you the best quality, healthiest and ethically produced available in Australia. Find out for yourself with our large range of grass fed, grass finished, free range beef & lamb products.

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